This version of 'BayLum' requires R>=4.1.x!

New functions


This function attempts to ease the very pain-stacking process of input data processing (BIN/BINX files) so that it can be used in the 'BayLum' modelling. The function is an entirely new development and will replace the functions Generate_DataFile_MG() and Generate_DataFile() in future versions of 'BayLum'. Key features:

  • Only one function for single-grain and multiple-grain data
  • Support for BIN/BINX and XSYG files and RLum.Analysis-class objects, i.e. the data can be imported independently of the data file creation
  • A new single-file configuration based on the YAML format. This makes the old error-prone folder structure obsolete
  • Various internal consistency checks to avoid input data are erroneousness; which may lead to very hard to-track-down error messages
  • Carries information about the number of samples and the sample names


  • The function will replace the deprecated fucntion LT_RegenDose(), which was too error-prone and complicated to maintain.


This function supplements create_DataFile() supporting auto-generated YAML config template files

Bugfixes and changes


  • Determines the sample name automatically by default.


  • Determines the sample name automatically by default.


  • Determines the sample name automatically by default.


  • Now preserves the originator attribute


  • Interactive mode is now more beautiful and consistently
  • Can now extract information from an object created by create_DataFile()



  • Drop dependency to deprecated package 'ArchaeoPhases' and make corresponding code an internal function (PR #33, @nfrerebeau)

  • Add dependencies to the packages 'yaml' and 'cli'

  • Bump version requirement for 'Luminescence' to >= v0.9.22

  • Add new external files example.yml and yaml_config_reference.yml

  • Internal datasets DATA1, DATA2, DATA3 were updated to be consistent with the new function create_DataFile()

Deprecated functions

The following functions are deprecated and will be removed in future versions of BayLum